busy hostess Beth Davidson

Welcome fellow busy hostess!

I’m Beth Davidson, one busy hostess. Nice to meet you! I launched The Frenzied Hostess in 2016 because every time I looked up party planning, everything was just too perfect. This site is for those of us who are creative and want to try new things – but just don’t have the time to worry about every detail of every party.  If you like hosting parties. big or small, but feel like you’re always rushing to get everything prepared, then welcome home!

We’ve all seen Pinterest fails before, and they’re funny, but who has time to mess up and do it again? I’ll be posting ideas for how to focus on only one area of a party, how to host gatherings that practically plan themselves, and planning and organization tips that can help you stay on track when you can’t cut anything out. I’ll also occasionally post recipes or crafting instructions – just don’t expect perfection! Mostly, expect speed.

I have always enjoyed being a busy hostess. Although I don’t do it professionally, I have planned many a party. I did everything for my wedding. I’ve planned and executed four bachelorette parties. Once a year I host a fancy dinner party, and I think there’s nothing like a good barbecue to get all my friends together. Strangely, this site came to be when I actually had a bit of spare time! I moved states, so I suddenly found myself without any friends to gather. I decided to take the time to start writing about my experiences so that when I did start meeting people, I’d be ready to throw some fabulous extravaganzas… or just some fabulous, calm gatherings.

A Little About Me.

I mentioned I recently moved states, but I should also mention that it’s not the first time I’ve done so. I’m a citizen of the world, I guess, which is why it’s so important for me to be able to entertain successfully. The older you get, the harder it is to make friends, and I’ve determined that hosting people is a great way to do this. I’m currently in Knoxville, Tennessee, so hosting outdoor gatherings and football tailgates are some of my main priorities. So far it’s working pretty well – but I’m having a really hard time with all this orange! Oh well. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

So I’ve explained why I like parties. Perhaps you’d be interested to know why I never have time to do so. Well, readers, I’m a work-from-home mom. My husband works full time out of the home and is completing his MBA, so basically everything in our house falls to me. I do the cooking, the cleaning, and the child raising – while running my own bookkeeping business out of the house. Can you imagine if you went to work every day and you had to bring your child and they also expected you to vacuum and dust your own office? Yeah. That’s my life. Only when 8 hours is up, I’m not going anywhere.

If you’re a frenzied hostess, just like me, I invite you to follow me on Twitter. I’m @frenziedhostess. So creative, right? Also, if you want more helpful tips on planning successful parties in what very little down time you have, please subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the know! Thanks for stopping by!