Welcome to The Frenzied Hostess!

Hello! I see you’ve stumbled across my little space in the world. Perhaps this was a happy accident, or maybe you were seeking like-minded people who live their lives in a frenzy. Either way, I do hope you’ll stay and check it out.

I am a work-from-home bookkeeper and mother to a one-year-old. As you can imagine, I don’t have a lot of spare time. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to hang out with my friends and family, and it definitely doesn’t stop me from wanting to host a party or a meal every now and again. With Pinterest and all those other DIY sites out there, it’s started to seem like every event has to be fabulously designed and perfectly set up. If it’s not, you’re a failure. ¬†Unfortunately for me, even though I always start out with the best of intentions, I hardly ever come up with the beautiful arrangements all those other internet hostesses make look so easy. How could I? I live in a permanent time crunch.

You’re probably wondering why I would bother with a blog if I’m already short on time. Well, I recently moved to a new state, so my regularly scheduled gatherings are currently being attended by no one one. Since I have a little bit more free time than usual, I decided to try my hand at something creative. I also wanted to remind everyone that we don’t have to be perfect. Most of us in the US are so busy, I’m impressed we even find time to feed ourselves. That doesn’t mean we can’t put in a little effort though – I’ve found focusing on one part of a party and just doing the basics for the rest often works out. Of course, I always aim bigger. I’m a big planner. Like, I plan things for years in my mind. It’s just that somehow, by the end of my planning, when it’s actually time to execute, I have to give up a lot of ideas because there just isn’t time.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my humble little blog, and if all goes well I’d love to show you how you can be a good hostess, even if you don’t have time to accomplish all the grandeur you’ve built up in your mind. Let’s get planning!