Easy Peasy Halloween Costumes for Babies

Three easy peasy Halloween costume ideas for babies. #Halloween #HalloweenCostumes #babycostumes #babyhalloweencostumes #DIYcostumes #cheapcostumes #cheapHalloweencostumes

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Need some easy peasy Halloween costumes for babies? Sure you do, if you’re like me and you think you’re not going to dress them up then do it anyway. My son was six weeks old on his first Halloween. I had no intentions of buying a costume for someone that little. Nor did I want to make one when he could wiggle out of it. Then I thought of all the pictures I’d be missing out on. So, that Halloween morning I went through my house and figured out a plan. I did the same thing last year, only slightly more in advance. I’ve determined there’s no point in paying for costumes you’re never going to use again and they only wear for five minutes, so I decided to share my ideas with you.

Easy Peasy Halloween Costumes for Babies

1. Toga Baby!

I decided my son would be Julius Caesar when I realized I could make a toga out of a napkin and it would fit him. I also happened to have the headpiece lying around from an actual toga party many moons prior.  If you are a crafty person, you’ll probably already have this stuff stashed away as well, but if not you can get these items at most dollar stores or superstores. All you need for this is a napkin or pillowcase, a decorative rope or sash, a stem of a fake plant, and a safety pin or two to hold it together. This will work best for babies who can’t walk yet, but it’s great for pictures and it can be used for boys and girls.

2. The Hulk

I like this because it’s all clothes the baby can wear over and over. My son had green sweatpants and a matching green bug shirt. Since the Hulk doesn’t have bugs crawling all over him (or if he does they’re invisible), I turned the shirt inside out and drew on a six pack. So easy! I did have to cut up a pair of purple leggings (they’re a bigger size than the sweats so they fit), but I can straighten them back out into shorts for my daughter next summer. This is Cat and Jack from Target, but it’s last year’s, so I found another you might try here. It’s important that the pants and shirt match colors since it’s supposed to be skin.

Easy Peasy Halloween Costumes for Babies

3. Snow White

I’m pretty sure you could do any Disney princess with clothes you already have for your baby girl, but mine happens to look like Snow White. If you need inspiration for a different princess, I suggest perusing Polyvore’s Disney ideas. They’re for adults, but you’ll get the idea. For this one you will need a blue onesie, yellow leggings or skirt, a white jacket (mine comes off her holiday dress), and a red hairbow. If your blue onesie says something, turn it inside out. That’s it. You’re done. Granted, my skirt is actually a homemade circle skirt (I use this tutorial; you only need fat quarters and elastic). But, I put her in those anyway so she can be more girly in her brother’s hand-me-downs.

Easy Peasy Halloween Costumes for Babies

easy peasy Halloween costume ideas for babies.

As you can see, these really are easy peasy Halloween costumes for babies. For the most part it’s just a matter of collecting the appropriate color clothing and turning them inside out. Don’t have kids but somehow King Google sent you here anyway? Check out last week’s Halloween dinner party post – maybe that will be more your speed!

Three easy peasy Halloween costume ideas for babies. #Halloween #HalloweenCostumes #babycostumes #babyhalloweencostumes #DIYcostumes #cheapcostumes #cheapHalloweencostumes
Three easy peasy Halloween costume ideas for babies. #Halloween #HalloweenCostumes #babycostumes #babyhalloweencostumes #DIYcostumes #cheapcostumes #cheapHalloweencostumes

35 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Halloween Costumes for Babies

  1. robin rue says:

    Those are all super cute ideas, but that hulk is the best!!! I Love it. I want to see if my SIL will do this for my nephew!

    • Beth Davidson says:

      Yep! I mean, you have to buy the clothes in the first place, but if they’re all things you already have you’re not spending anything extra.

  2. I never thought of turning something inside out to get the solid color! Genius. I have a two month old who is probably going to get a generic costume, thanks for the ideas! I hate spending $20+ on a one time costume.

    • Beth Davidson says:

      Me too, especially when they’re too young to care what they’re dressed up as. So much easier to use what you’ve got.

    • Beth Davidson says:

      My husband and I don’t share pictures of our kids to the public. Yeah, we’re those people. Lol. I tried some headless versions but they looked really weird! Now, if I could just find a baby model, I’d be set!

  3. These are great ideas. It is always so cold here in the Midwest at Halloween that my kids costumes are never seen! Hopefully this year will be different

  4. These are such cute ideas! I miss dressing my kids up when they were babies and I was able to pick the costume. Now they are teens and pick their own.

  5. how awesome! We dressed up our daughter as a ghost on her first Halloween, and made that one ourselves as well. Now both of my kids are too old for this, but your ideas are super cute! Blessings!

  6. Chanel van Reenen says:

    These are so adorable! I absolutely love the little snow white one! I think my daughter has all of that in her closet!

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