ideas for hosting a casual viewing party

Ideas for Hosting Casual Viewing Parties

As you’ve probably noticed by now, the easiest way for me to host something is to make sure it’s small and easy rather than large and extravagant. That seems pretty obvious, but seriously guys, you can dress up any little gathering as a party and practice your hosting. Do you have any favorite TV shows or a movie you spend all day texting your friends about? Why not invite them over? Here’s my favorite part of casual viewing parties: there’s no reason to decorate. I mean, you’re all going to be facing the TV the whole time. If you want to jazz that up, go ahead, but your co-viewers might get annoyed. Just saying.

casual viewing parties
Too much? Or just improper bow placement?


Casual Viewing Parties: Get in and Get Out

You could serve popcorn and be done with it. If you have a weekly viewing party for a show, maybe that’s all you should do. Do you really need to impress your friends every week? There’s the opposite approach, like those insane Walking Dead-style parties where everything is themed. That’s too much work for me, plus I think they must party longer than the one-hour show lasts. If I’m inviting you to watch one show or one movie, I don’t want you there more than an hour before, and you better be gone an hour after. It’s nothing personal; I’ve got stuff to do. If you’re like me, make this clear in your text or email invitation. Luckily, most of my friends won’t have time to stay longer anyway. I’m not the only one who constantly says, “I’m too busy.”

The Fun Part

I’m not decorating for a viewing party, but I think only popcorn is boring. So what exactly am I going to do to impress people without going overboard? I’m going to pick either one dish or one drink to tie it all together and call it a day. For my example, I’m using a Shonda Rhimes show. Anyone watch How to Get Away with Murder? If not, here’s a quick breakdown: They try to get away with murder.  There, you’re all caught up! This might just be one example, but feel free to hit the comments up with more, or contact me if you can’t come up with anything for your favorite show. I think about these things while I climb up and down the stairs fifty times to amuse my son.

Special Food:

Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

Why? The show takes place in Philadelphia.  Since Philly is known for their food, I might as well take advantage of it. Were you thinking I’d suggest something that looks bloody since I’m using a show about murder? Nah. It’s not a murder party. It’s a viewing party. No one needs to think of dead bodies as they’re eating. Also, I linked to a pretty good recipe for sliders, but to make it even easier I’ll just cook everything at once in a skillet and call it a day.

Special Drink:


Vodka Tonic 

Why? The main character is an alcoholic and she chugs vodka straight like nobody’s business. Because I don’t want to serve straight vodka, a vodka tonic is a super easy solution. My home bar always has vodka in it, mostly because we don’t drink it, but it pretty much guarantees I won’t have to go to the liquor store. Sigh. I just got homesick for Nevada. It sure was nice buying liquor in Walmart.

These ideas for casual viewing parties are pretty simple, which is exactly the way I like it. Don’t have TV? You could always try a mini-wine tasting instead. Don’t drink? I don’t know what to tell you. Tupperware party? Or, everyone’s favorite, the game night. I’ll add that to my list of things to host.

Have some friends over to watch TV and make yourself a little theme - whatever show you're watching. #viewingparty #gettogethers #easyparty #tvparty #movieparty