Plastic Tablecloth Decorations Vs. Streamers

There are some amazing plastic tablecloth decorations out there. Seriously, look at this and this. Who has time to come up with this stuff? Not me! But, I don’t really have time for anything (starting a blog may have been a terrible idea), so maybe I don’t count. Anyway, I may have mentioned this once or twice, but I’m not really a fan of decorating for parties. That’s a terrible thing for a hostess to say, isn’t it? Yet I say it all the time. I decided maybe I need to stop all those traditional decorating ideas, like using streamers at all, ever, and switch it up a little. Honestly, I don’t have time for the fancy stuff, so my mind turned to plastic tablecloth decorations. I could probably do something with those, right?

Well, if you looked at those amazing decorations I pointed out, you might as well just use streamers. It would take just as long to rip up a whole bunch of paper and tape it to your wall as it would to make those tablecloth things. I don’t want to have to cut and snip and tie and then still tape things. I want something that takes twenty seconds and miraculously looks cute. Impossible? Probably. But, I went out and bought a plastic tablecloth and gave it a shot. Feel free to laugh at my pictures, but just remember: if I can spend twenty seconds decorating for no party, you could probably spend forty seconds for a real party. ūüôā

Ideas for Plastic Tablecloth Decorations

Idea #1: Photo Backdrop

This one’s so easy it’s cheating! Ha. I am positive I’m not the first to come up with it, but let me explain why it crossed my mind. For my son’s birthday, I decided I wanted one of those little streamer photo backgrounds. It ¬†was irritating, it took too long, and I couldn’t get a good picture when it was done. Rather than waste my time with that again, I thought it would be so much easier to just tape up a tablecloth. It looks fine, right? And if it doesn’t, who cares if no one at all takes a picture in front of it? It took two seconds to put up, no skin off my back. If you feel like you have to put in a little extra effort, cut it up like it is streamers and call yourself a decorative genius.

Idea #2: Doorway Draping

Friends, you might need to buy two plastic tablecloths for this one. The picture I’m showing you is only one, but you have to understand I’m in a pretty cramped space right now. I felt like adding two was overkill. But, it would be nice to have one on each side if you have a bigger entryway. Imagine putting a few balloons on top. What a nice little border right? That’s all you have to do. That’s much simpler than draping streamers all over the door, twisting them up, and all of that jazz. Do you feel like a lazy decorator yet? I hope so.

Idea #3: Ceiling Decorations

Just add balloons.

Ceiling streamers are hit and miss with me. Sometimes they can look so tacky, right? Especially if they’re not done by someone who has the time or energy to do them, AKA, me. Some people have taken the time to hang a whole bunch of plastic tablecloths like they’re streamers, but as good as they look, it sort of defeats the purpose for me. It’s more taping and effort than I’m interested in. I’m of two thoughts here. One, hang up the tablecloth by all four corners and stuff it with balloons. That’s a little extra work because of the balloons, but it’s fun, right? You can drop the¬†balloons on the kiddos later. The second thought would be a chandelier. Wrap it around a hula hoop or something else round, cut it up a little, and boom, call it a day.

Bahahaha, okay, I’ll work on this one. Twenty seconds people!


Well, I feel like I’ve come up with some not-amazing, but perfectly good enough, plastic tablecloth decorations. These ideas are all so much less work than putting up streamer after streamer after streamer! If you never cut it up, you could even reuse it and save yourself the time and trouble of a dollar store trip for every party. I know these ideas are all terribly slothful, but if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be appropriate for a frenzied hostess. The next time you throw a party, consider these ideas and spend more time enjoying and less time decorating!


Interchangeable Holiday Charger Plates

I’ve been working on an idea for interchangeable holiday charger plates. Charger plates in general are kind of weird, aren’t they? They’re plates, but you don’t use them for food. Sometimes they just sit underneath other plates, being mostly useless. Yet, for some reason, my eye is still drawn to them. I will admit I like a nicely set table. It brings out the food. I was thinking about buying some for Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t really find any I liked. I did love some of the Christmas plates on Etsy, but I didn’t feel like spending the money. Then I really thought about it, and I didn’t want to store a whole bunch of holiday plates anyway. This is where the interchangeable part came in.

My mom used to do a lot of tole painting when I was younger. That’s basically painting on wood, if you aren’t familiar. She doesn’t anymore, but a good portion of her holiday decorations are homemade. She has one that stays out all year. It’s a bear that hangs on the wall, and he changes his clothes for the holidays and different seasons. That’s my inspiration. A plate that changes clothes. This is not necessarily related, but my neighbor does this with pallets. Where does she put them?! Anyway, these plates are still a prototype, because I don’t have time to make them perfect, but so far¬†I’m liking the idea.

How to Make Interchangeable Holiday Charger Plates

What You Need

Gathering supplies for interchangeable holiday charger plates

Charger Plates (As many as you want for your table, or just one for decor)
Fabric Quarters for Whatever Holidays you choose
A marker (try to keep it lighter than the fabric so it doesn’t bleed)
Magnet Tape or Velcro
Super Glue and/or Fabric glue

For the charger plates, I went gold, but obviously you can pick whatever you want. I got a set of 4 from Amazon around $16. I know you can get them at Target or The Dollar store cheaper. But readers, I’m not worried about $10. I’m worried about 10 minutes, which is what it will take me to drive to one of those places, plus shopping, plus driving back. So choose your battles I guess. ¬†As for the fabric, I again went with a time saving option. I’d originally planned on picking holiday-themed fabric, but when I got to JoAnn’s (yes, I actually went there) there was a huge line to get things cut. So I just picked up the right colors and went home.

What to Do

This project takes about the same amount of time as watching a quarter of football. That is give or take another quarter, because my son and dogs kept stealing my materials so I couldn’t properly time myself. Do you see why I’m always in a frenzy? Anyway, it could take longer if you are going for perfection. I was not. If I wanted perfection, I’d have to move out.

Step 1

Choose some shapes for each holiday. I did three: a leaf for Thanksgiving, a tree for Christmas, and a heart for Valentine’s Day. You can find some images on your computer or pick up die-cuts or something. I free-handed them though, because, you know, time.


All you have to do is fold up your fabric quarter into quarters and draw the shape on. What was really cool about the plates I got is they had a little square outlined in the middle, so I had a pretty good idea of what size to make them so each holiday was similar. Staple your folded quarters together around the drawing if you want more control. Then cut all of them at once.

Step 2


Now you have a whole bunch of little shapes, right? From here it’s time to figure out what size magnet or Velcro you need. I went with magnets because I thought they’d be thinner, but after putting a plate on top of the finished charger, I think Velcro would be fine too. Or, you know, whatever you have around the house. ¬†You’re going to want to have two strips of magnet, one for the top and one for the bottom of each cutout. Now, your cutouts aren’t going to be the same size, so you can’t just measure one and call it good. I wound up having a little tiny piece and one longer piece, but that longer piece is the bottom for the tree and the top for the other two. Luckily plates are round so it really doesn’t matter.


Step 3

Magnet tape is sticky on one side (as is Velcro), but the sticky part isn’t really meant for fabric, so I’d consider some fabric or super glue to keep the plates and fabric in place. It’s just easier than having to be careful every single time you switch out one of your cutouts. It should go without saying, but don’t glue the magnet side. Just slap those nicely glued magnets on there and you’re good to go! Interchangeable holiday charger plates in no time at all! Of course, if you’re less frenzied than I am, you can take your time and make them much nicer. But, I showed mine to a few people and they all agreed they were cute. ¬†That’s really all we need, right?